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 Mammamia Pastries consists of three shops !!
AFOI VELETZAKOU traditional bakery, CHOCOBI crepes, fresh juices, coffee and more, MAMMA MIA gelateria with hand made ice cream.
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Traditional Bakery in Skiathos .

Afoi Veletzakos Bakery in Skiathos is located on the ring road of Skiathos town l.
We believe in local, seasonal and sustainable food. Each of our freshly made loaves are made by hand using organic flour and the slow fermentation process that characterises the traditional Greek bread.
Our bread is stone baked and delivered to many local cafés, delis and restaurants in Skiathos
You can also pop by our other shops to enjoy it with brunch or on our delicious range of sandwiches and toasties.

Our bread is freshly made every morning using organic flour, water, salt, and most importantly, love and passion on what we do!
Rather than using commercial yeast, our loaves are made using naturally occurring yeast giving them the beautiful flavours and aromas that make Skiathos bread so delicious.

We make all our cakes and pastries on site in the bakery. To keep things fresh and exciting, we offer seasonal variations, using organic and local ingredients as much as we can. Reducing waste and creating original recipes is important to us,
We invite you to come and explore the verity in our beautiful range of bread, cakes and pastries.


Cepes fresh juices coffee and more

CHOCOBI  Shop inspired by Fanis and Evagelia Veletzakou, The Crepe Shop CHOCOBI is an upbeat coffee place designed with love and passion for quality food and drink. Our modern, progressive technique making amazing crepes is one thing that sets us apart from others.
Our goal is to serve the best crepes and coffees on the island of Skiathos that are always made-to-order using the freshest quality ingredients.


The best ice cream on Skiathos island

Fresh Homemade ice Cream
Unusual flavours, such as Mamma Mia flavour, lemongrass, poppy seeds, and peppered raspberry, are among of the large verity of ice cream we offer
The best ice-cream in Skiathos is Mamma Mia, a few minutes away from skiathos main harbour, opposite the main church of three ierarhes.
. In a charming untouristy pedestrian square, it offers incredibly tasty artisan and natural ice-creams and sorbets, competing on flavour and price with the more famous ice cream in the world.
You instantly feel like you are eating a fruit (the seasonal fruit varieties are incredible, such as watermelon ).
Our product selection also includes home-baked desserts, espresso beverages, chocolates and speciality candies.

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